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    Konica Minolta

    Giving Shape to Ideas

    GFA Consulting Group

    Creating Opportunities

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    MSG Consulting

    From individual identification to the implementation of the complete search and generate a candidate pool, seeks and finds MSG Consulting, who you need to fill your vacancies.

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    Worldwide Movers and Shipping Specialist.


    Fair Trade instead of Aid


    your conversation partner in all financial matters

    Wiesloch, Baden-W?rttemberg View details

    Export Industrie Service GMBH

    Hamburg, Hamburg View details
    Orignal Chem House

    We are committed to provide high quality products and tailor-made services for our clients, by utilizing our knowledge and experience to find the best solution.

    Reach Local



    Shipping GMBH

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    Solutions that work.


    Building a better working world

    Manchester, New York View details

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    Renewable Energy Gmbh

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    Shipping GMBH

    Hamburg, Hamburg View details
    My Differenza


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    Why EuroAfrica Business Directory?

    ?Yes There is more Positive Development Going on in Africa than What you See on TV!? Do you know? That about 24.8 million Africans live outside Africa mainly in Europe & North America. *Combined Income = Over $780 billion *900,000 College students Outside Africa *9,000,000 African professionals and related occupations work outside Africa.?EuroAfrica Business Directory is about Introducing yourself, your skills, connect & promote your business. Connect to the Best of Africa & to the Best of Friends of Africa. Use the Internet today to get more customers.

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    EuroAfrica Media & Business Directory is a unique, professional directory for All Friends of Africa. You can create Listings for your business & efficiently add events, galleries, files, images etc with just a few clicks.

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