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    The Idea behind this project

    eacn Netzwerk-afrikanerSometimes, you must have asked yourself: How do I find an Ethiopian restaurant, African journalists, a Nigerian consultant, a Liberian travel agent, a Somali scientist, a Congolese choir, a Gambian artist, an African NGO or a Ghanaian fashion designer etc in say, country A or B?.This question is exactly what this project aims to solve.

    Do you also know? That about 37.8 million Africans excluding african descendants, live (legally and illegally) outside Africa mainly in Europe & North America. *Combined Income = Over $840 billion and over 985,000 College students study Outside Africa *15,000,000 African professionals and related occupations work outside Africa!

    With EAC Directory you will reach the above target-audience: EAC Network Directory features a comprehensive listing of top African businesses and will be regularly updated. Our Directory is armed with the latest internet technology and is user friendly. It is the?indispensable tool in locating with ease, top African expertise, professionals, African entrepreneurs, organizations and African Churches world-wide. A useful website is useless if people do not know that it exists. What is a business if no one knows where or how to find it??Don?t fail to add your business on this page. Get noticed world-wide 24 hours at an affordable rate! The EuroAfricaCentral Network is committed to the projection of a positive Africa and this would be incomplete without the presentation of a top guide on main stream world-wide African businesses/firms, professionals and organizations.

    Why an African Professionals Directory?
    Many Africans living in the Diaspora know this problem: You needed information on African professionals who might be living in the same location as you do but you cannot find a portal with this information. Often when this is available, they are so complicated and confusing for a simple user to navigate. In response to this, we wanted to create a different, easy to navigate web directory on qualified African Professionals for our web users worldwide. The answer to your need is a stone-throw away!! For every need, goal, or problem of ours, somebody, somewhere, has got an answer to it provided we can locate this individual..... thus the need for us to engage in an effective networking. To bring African and friends of Africa service-providers and service-users together, that is what the EuroAfrica Business Directory is all about.

    The EuroAfrica Professionals Directory:
    Networking is to interact or engage in informal communication with others for mutual assistance or support. This medium is aimed at helping you extend your expertise or get help from those?who have similar dream irrespective of race, greed or religion.

    About directory

    EuroAfrica Media & Business Directory is a unique, professional directory for All Friends of Africa. You can create Listings for your business & efficiently add events, galleries, files, images etc with just a few clicks.

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